Get longer validity on One Cent Offer

July 31, 2009 by

 The original IndiaOne offer is back and it is even better now ! You can call India at just 1 cent/min with extended validity, superior connectivity and the assurance that the offer is here to stay. Now call India at just One Cent…and with an EXTRA validity of 45 days. Longer Validity and More Talk time- so talk more with friends & family in India.

Airtel Calling Card

The $ 9.99 pack of IndiaOne has a rental of $ 3.99, on the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent /min on Local Access. This is applicable on calls terminating on any phone in India. i.e. you get an amazing 600 mins in just $ 9.99 on local access. With the extended validity , you can enjoy the talktime for 45 days ! Along with its extensive network and connectivity, India’s no 1 telecom company now gives you the best value in the market .

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1 cent per minute on Airtelcallhome

April 21, 2009 by

Sign up now & you can call India at just 1 cent/min. The $ 9.99 pack of India One has a rental of $ 3.99, for the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent / min rate on local access.

Airtel CallHome – India One Offer, Call India at 1 c/m

April 16, 2009 by

Call India at 1 cent

India’s No 1 Telecom player launched an incredible & unique offer – India One a new call service in India. With this latest plan from AirtelCallHome, you would be able to make calls at just 1 cent/min from USA to anywhere in India. The $ 9.99 pack of India One has a rental of $ 3.99, for the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent/min rate on local access.
This is applicable on any call terminating on either landline or mobile phone in India. i.e. you get an amazing 600 mins in just $10 on local access.
You need to use the minutes within 30 days of buying the product. If you call using the toll free number the rate is still an attractive 3 c/min. So hurry…Sign up NOW for the best quality calls at affordable prices!

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A money-saving effective USA/UK to India calling experience

September 20, 2008 by

Hello bloggers and blog readers out there! This is Maitri from New Jersy, USA…thought of sharing the benefits that I have been receiving from the airtel call home. Well, amongst phone cards online, I just love airtel call home. The first reason is the cheap calling rates, which has come down to 6 cents from 9 cents and goes as low as 5.2 cents per minute. The second is the excellent voice clarity, which makes me feel that my near and dear ones are just a few metres away from me. The third is the easy connectivity and the uninterrupted network. Fourth is benefits through the ‘refer a friend’ scheme as well as the exciting festive and discounted offers introduced from time to time. And fifth is the easy dial feature enabling me to store more than a dozen numbers with short codes. The best part is that I use my Indian credit card to recharge!

And I have heard that this festive season, airtel call home entitles you to download movies for free, get benefits and free talk time with recharging by certain denominations and event get discounted air tickets and free pick up from airport to your home. Yes! Only Airtel can give such offers!

Let me share some tips implementing which you can enjoy free talk time very often.
Tip No. 1. Recharge your airtel call home with denominations more than 50$…you will get several minutes of free talk time as well as benefits
Tip No. 2: Refer as many friend as possible. If you refer 20 friend in a month; at least two or three will accept your reference. This will allow you to enjoy more than 100 minutes of free talk time

These are the secrets I have been enjoying and you cannot avail the same with other phone cards india. Please share your tips too.

Online prepaid phone cards for US to India calling

September 18, 2008 by

Well, if one conducts a market research and takes a number of opinions and feedback, one becomes aware of the cheapest and best online prepaid phone cards for US to India calling or UK to India calling. Currently, the prepaid phone cards that are the most cost-competitive and quality-oriented is the Airtel Call Home available in both the USA and UK. This cost-effective budget friendly phone card service has been recently launched in the UK. The call rates for US to India calling are as high as 6 cents per minute and lower than that on weekends or as per discounted offers. As an introductory offer in the UK, the calling rates for this prepaid phone card have been fixed for 3.5 pence per minute through toll access and 4.5 pence per minute through toll free access. All subscribers there can derive additional benefits of 25 minutes of free talk time plus 50 per cent extra talk time over and above what is purchased.

Useful tips for effective calling

September 11, 2008 by

Hello all! All my blog friends and readers out there in USA and UK. Well for Airtel call home users in the USA and UK, I can suggest few useful tips for your convenience. You must be wondering, I am forcing myself to suggest the same. Well guys, I am a frequent user of this phone card online, and like me you must be calling frequently to your friends and family back in India. I thought I must share my tips with you so that you save your time, money and enjoy a hassle free and effective talking experience.

If you are tired of remembering long numbers or typing the same in your mobile, there is a solution to this. Amongst the phone cards India, airtel call home has benefited frequent callers to multi-destination numbers in India, like us, by offering the facility of storing up to 50 numbers with short codes. All you need to do is to assign short codes to each number and store them in your mobile. Whenever you wish to dial a number, just type the code and dial.

Thought the call rates for US India calling is 6 cents per minute and UK India news at 3.5 pence per minute for Airtel, which is competitive in case of other phone cards india yet there are other ways implementing of which you can talk for free for several minutes. You guys must be aware of the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme of the airtel call home. Refer as many friends and family members including colleagues in USA and UK who have their near and dear ones back in India. With the acceptance of each referral for a fixed amount or more, you get up to 60 minutes of free talktime and the referred friend gets up to 30 minutes in USA.

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Airtel Call India–September Carnival

September 6, 2008 by

It’s the same time of the year again, when festivity surrounds us and we miss the presence of our family and friends. What’s better way to celebrate than to connect with them? And I am already enjoying Airtel call home services here and I am greatly satisfied with the uninterrupted network, low cost advantage, easy recharging, pinless dialing, quick dialing and more.  Airtel CallHome – The smartest way to connect to India with incredible price of just 6 cents/min.

Airtel CallHome – The best Online Phone cards India

August 29, 2008 by

Hi to all those who are reading my blog! I am a software engineer settled here for the last five months. I have planned to pursue my career here at California for some years. Well, for middle class families like mine, money does matter. You cannot spend money just like that when low cost and high quality alternatives are there, especially in ISD calling. I am talking about phone cards India; I mean phone cards online for US India calling.
I have had a bad experience by using STI, Sprint and Reliance for the first two months. I was on the hunt for the most affordable and low cost service which at the same time has a good network, uninterrupted services, good voice clarity and what not. It was until a friend of mine who is also a newcomer to California referred me under the ‘Airtel CallHome — Refer a Friend‘ scheme. You won’t believe I got 30 minutes of free talktime, which is a bonus for me. As my friend is the referee, he got a free talktime of 60 minutes. Isn’t it exciting?

Today I am enjoying the services of this online phone card to my full satisfaction. The registration process is so easy and the call rates are lower than other telecom services providers like STI, Sprint, Reliance and others. You need not even remember so many long numbers as you can store up to 50 numbers by assigning short codes all for a quick dial. The charges are only 6 cents per minute and I have been already enjoying discounted rates every weekend. No other telecom providers give this benefits I bet! The pinless dialing and the quality of services of Airtel CallHome is just too excellent. Airtel CallHome Rocks!

Airtel calling cards-high on quality and low on cost

August 21, 2008 by

If you just utter the name ‘Airtel’, even a kid will respond positively. Such is the popularity of the telecom brand. Airtel has under its grip millions of satisfied users of all age groups. Keeping its valued users connected across regional, national and international boundaries in the most cost effective manner has been Airtel objective since its inception. With low cost and innovative schemes introduced from time to time, Airtel stands tall in its competitive arena, bringing smiles to the lips of many.

At present india news, Airtel have on offer a number of prepaid calling cards availing which you can gain a competitive edge in terms of cost and quality. For frequent international callers, Airtel has three plans, viz. International Calling Cards, Airtel CallHome and World Calling Cards. The following features of Airtel calling cards make Airtel the choice of millions of satisfied users:

  • No hidden costs
  • No additional deposits
  • Excellent voice clarity
  • No processing fees
  • Full talktime
  • Validity from first call
  • Wide network
  • No activation required
  • 24X7 customer helpline
  • Trouble-free calling
  • Low denominations.

For international calling, money matters a lot! With the high call charges it is just impossible to interact for hours. But again there is a solution to this problem too! With the cheap Airtel USA to India Calling Card—Airtel CallHome, you can feel that you are in India in the presence of your near and dear ones! At only 6 cents per minute, you can enjoy a trouble free and hours of talking experience. Only Airtel offers such affordable rates with high quality call services for the Indians in the USA. Signing up for Airtel CallHome is very easy and simple. All you need is to fill in the details displayed in the Airtel web page.

With Airtel CallHome, you can enjoy,

  • PIN less dialing for registered numbers
  • 1 hour of free calling with 20$ or more of usage from Monday to Friday
  • Discounted call tariffs every week
  • Up to 60 minutes of free talktime by every reference to a friend
  • Airtel CallHome friend’s chat service at 20 cents per minute
  • Clear network
  • Excellent sound clarity.

 Airtel International Calling Cards users can enjoy over 50% savings with denominations available at Rs 112, Rs. 225, Rs. 562, and Rs. 2247. With World Calling Cards, one can stay in touch to 95 countries and save up to 94%. The user can get this prepaid card at major Indian international airports, travel agents, foreign exchange dealers and Airtel centers across the country at Rs. 300, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.

Airtel CallHome 61st Independence Day Offer

August 13, 2008 by

Hello friends! I mean all Indians who are there in the USA. I have come to New York for training on behalf of the company I work for. It has been two months and I will have to stay for another four months. As you know cost of living here is very expensive compared to our homeland India; thanks to the expenses borne by my company. Well, for personal expenses, I have to bear it from my pocket.

For the first two weeks, I wasted money a lot in ISD calling. The various phone cards India available nearly emptied my pockets until I came across airtel call home through a friend’s reference. Soon I signed in to Airtel CallHome and got 60 minutes of free talktime and my friend got an hour’s free talktime as it was a reference. I am a frequent user of the Airtel Call Home and I bet it is the cheapest  phone card for US to India calling. At only 6 cents per minute and availing the discounted offers every now and then, I feel my homeland is not that far as it seems. I also use the Friend’s Chat service of Airtel Call Home and it is only 20 cents/min. I chat with my sister and friends for long hours without worrying about the money.

Have you heard that on the occasion of our 61st Independence day, Airtel has introduced a special offer? To make this Independence Day very memorable and to celebrate the spirit of Indianness, Airtel CallHome connects you to India with up to 200 minutes of free talktime. You can also watch movies of your choice at $9.99. Isn’t it an exciting offer? I am availing it and I want you all to enjoy the same benefits.